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Ggranite wholesaleranite Wholesalers In Toronto
Are you planning to install granite countertops in your new or renovated kitchen? If you are, plan to visit one of the GTA's fine stone wholesalers. Why should you allow your contractor to pre-select the types of granite slab available to you? Take a trip to a stone importer/distributor's showroom and feast your eyes on the wide variety of natural stone colours, patterns, and variations.
Beauty First
Granite continues to be the number one choice for kitchen countertops in Canada, and it's easy to see why. Granite has many advantages over other types of kitchen surfaces: it's extremely durable, water resistant, heat resistant, and doesn't damage easily. A granite countertop can last for decades, adding immeasurable value to your home.
But the main reason that people love granite countertops is their natural beauty. For centuries, granite has been a key component of building and decoration. Palaces, cathedrals, and even some of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt featured granite elements. Until recent years, granite countertops were a luxury item available only to the very wealthy. Fortunately, now granite is available and affordable to a much wider clientele. Adding the beauty of granite countertops to your kitchen is like displaying nature's own art in your home.
Gorgeous Array of Colour
Many people labour under the impression that granite is only available in neutral colours such as cream, brown, and black. That's because these shades are the ones most often chosen by consumers – neutral colours can accommodate many different kinds of décor. In fact, exotic granites prized by artisans in countries like Brazil, Italy, and India are available in the Toronto area, and can be seen in showrooms of better stone importers.
There are three main components in the appearance of a granite slab. These are:
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Finish
Granite comes in every colour of the rainbow, from palest silver to deep ebony black. Recently, granite in various shades of blue has become popular due to its versatility. Dark reds, candy pinks, and wine-dark hues of burgundy can add warmth and intimacy to a room. Green granite is known for its dramatic depth and sparkle. Combinations of colours can be amazingly effective.
Along with colour, pattern affects the appearance of fine stone. More conservative customers look for "consistent” patterning. This usually means small, uniform markings and light grain. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer a dramatic effect, choosing granite with deep veining and sharp patterns.
Lastly, finish affects the look of your granite. Some stonemasons offer custom finishes, but the three major ones are: polished, a smooth, glossy finish designed to maximize the reflection of light, honed, a smooth matte surface with less reflection, and brushed, a textured matte surface achieved by using a wire rotary brush.
Granite, nature's art, is formed far beneath the earth's surface. When it's cut and finished by specialists in stone, it can grace any home with its unique beauty. Don't let someone else choose your granite countertop -- visit a granite wholesaler's showroom today and savour a world of choice.